ZPOTHUB is a resource run by me, Zayn Hiew to bring you the latest training and resource for running a successful Affiliate Marketing Business and optimize it for passive income. 

Who is Zayn Hiew?

My name is Zayn Hiew, I’m the owner of ZPOTHUB and here are a few things about me:

1. After graduated with an MBA degree in 2000, l started my career as Business Development & Marketing Manager in the Banking Industry, but l always has the passion to become a full-time entrepreneur.

2. I married my lovely wife, Lee Sun in 2001 and we have two amazing school going kids.

3. While in employment, I always seek for business opportunity in the Internet space because l foreseen the potential of earning passive income as an affiliate is unlimited.

4. In between, l joined several Internet Marketing programs to upgrade my Internet Marketing knowledge and skills. What I can say is that some of these programs are scams which promise you "Get Rich Quick Scheme" or provide you with some basic lessons and then try to upsell you with high ticket products. 

l admit that l did make some money but couldn't recoup my investment as l always chasing after the brightness and latest shiny objects. 

5.My conscious mind kept reminding me that l must let go these shiny object syndromes that distracting me from concentrating on my business. Luckily l did so!

6.That doesn't discourage my passion being a successful Internet Entrepreneur. I continue my quest for success and came across a platform called Wealthy Affiliate after reading a few positive reviews from their members and immediately l took up their offer as a Free Starter Membership. Since then I never look back and I am on my way to build my first online business.

6. My Affiliate business brought me 5 figures avenue within a year and is scaling every day.

7. Finally in 2017, I tendered my resignation letter to my boss to fully concentrate on my online business and do what l like, spend more quality time with my family and helping people to succeed in their online business.

Zayn Hiew is certifed by HubSpot and specialize in:

Social Media Certified
Hubspot_inbound_marketing_ certified

What Does ZPOTHUB Do?

1. ZPOTHUB is on a mission to empower young entrepreneurs, retirees, stay at home mom/dad and help them use the power of the Internet to build their own businesses.

2. The goal for ZPOTHUB is to create solutions to help entrepreneurs stay ahead of the curve while building their business online  through regular updates, training, newsletters, marketing course and support.

3. To eliminate overwhelm for Affiliate Marketer and Online Business Owner by distilling information overload into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step framework for creating a successful and long term profitable Online business.

4. While, the sole purpose of ZPOTHUB is to create a culture of like minded Entrepreneurs who are destined to live the good life - Financial, Time and Location Free! We don’t promote or recommend any "Get-Rich-Quick" Scheme here.

5. Zayn Hiew has over 5 years of experience running an online business and he will apply his proven methods through many years of experiment in Internet Marketing  to help you take your business to the next level.

ZPOTHUB is all about becoming an effective entrepreneur and building valuable, long lasting online businesses on a bootstrap budget. What sets this site apart 

from your typical online marketing blog derives from these 3 fundamental principles:

It Starts With You

Successful businesses are run by highly productive and focused people with strong work ethic and good habits. Become one of them.

Know Your Product

Recommend only those products that you have used them yourself or you have done a thorough research. Create your own product, if possible.

Own the Platform

Focus on building out your own website, your own brand and your audience. Don't depend on 3rd party platforms that you can't control.

Don't Worry


If you haven’t started an online business yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’re not too late. Spend some time exploring my Start Here page to get a sense of what is involved. This page is designed to help you make good business decisions on your own, without having to pay some sketchy “online business guru.”

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ZPOTHUB Exists to Support You, In Every Way


My readers and students are the reason l've built ZPOTHUB for support you, in every way.This site has been thriving and still counting. I love hearing stories of your own successes—so much that I’ve built a special page just to highlight my readers’ successes.

Thanks for reading this! I’d love to have you join me and my community of 5,000+ other aspiring and existing business owners.

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