Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

An outright scam or a legit program

Welcome to the most unbiased Wealthy Affiliate Review on the Internet today and l guessed that you have not landed on this page by chance because you want to make money and do it online the right way?

​I know there are tons of Wealthy Affiliate review on the internet and I only have a few seconds to capture your attention.

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Affiliate Marketing FAQ For Affiliates

Affiliate Marketing FAQ

Affiliate marketing FAQ for affiliates

Very often, my readers asked me what is affiliate marketing and how to make money from it. So l created this Affiliate Marketing FAQ page to give them a general ideas before they embark in affiliate marketing.

If you don't find the answer here, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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Solo Build It Review – Is Solo Build It A Scam Or A Legit Program?

solo build it review

solo Build it Review
Is SOlo Build it a Scam or a Legit Program?

Welcome to my latest Solo Build it Review

You're here because you want to find out weather "Solo Build It" a.k.a "SBI" is a scam or a legit program that really can teaches you how to make money and do it online the right way. 

ln this Solo Build It review, l am going to keep it REAL with you. I don’t benefit from beating around the bush or giving you half-truths, my goal is going to be to help you assess whether this platform and community at Solo Build It is going to be the right place for you to learn and start your online business.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosure page.


Product Name: Solo Build It (used to be "Site Build It")

Founder: Ken Evoy back in 1997

Product Type: Online Marketing Training Platform

Membership: 2 Types

1. SBI! (Original) - $29.99/month or $299/year

2. SBI! for WP - $17/month or $149/year

Take Full Advantage of the 90 Day Guarantee & Turn Your Purchase Into a Risk-Free Trial.

Best For: Anyone interested to build their own website & to grow a successful online business.

Rating : 80/100

Recommended: Yes but not my Top Recommendation 

Solo Build It!


Why Should l rated SBI for 80/100?

1. Over the years, SBI has continuously revises, updates, and adds features, modules, and invaluable business building information to its system. 

2. SBI have integrated WordPress into its SiteBuilder as an option for its new subscribers because many solopreneur prefers WordPress to build their website. 

3. Solo Build It is a all-in-one platform to help people build their own online business and make a passive income from it. They have pretty good tools and training but the platform itself can be very restricting. I'll explain why in this review.

In case you're in a hurry or not in the mood to read the whole review now I completely understand then just  click on the join now button below here and you be taken to the signup pages. You're entitled to 90 Days Guarantee.

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How to Pick A Niche And Build Brand Niche Website

pick a niche

How to pick a niche the smart way and build a niche brand website

How to Pick a Niche the Smart Way

I hope it's abundantly clear to you that a lot of people fail to make money online because they don't know how to pick a niche the right way. They end up building the wrong kind of business. Regardless of how much time, effort and money they put into their business, nothing seems to work. At best, they’re forced to settle for cents on the dollar; at worst, they don't make any money at all.

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Businesses

linkedin marketing

Top linkedin marketing strategy  for business

Hey there friends! Over the year Digital Marketing has been on the fast development, and LinkedIn is  part of the reality. Not only that LinkedIn as the newest “must use” platform  for marketers, but also the best site - LinkedIn Marketing - for businesses to communicate and drive action with other businesses.

Next up we have some advice to help you take your LinkedIn Marketing game to the next level, so stay tuned!

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Web Traffic Generation Tips For Business


4 best PRACTICES web traffic generation for business

When you are working towards growing traffic to your site as a business, you’re doing it with several objectives in mind, such as increasing brand recall, making sales, and nurturing clients through a sales funnel and customer journey.

That is why it is important to implement certain practices that will help you to reach your business objectives with web traffic generation strategies.

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A Complete Guide For Creating Podcast For Beginners


the complete Guide for creating podcast for beginners

What does podcasting mean to you as a business owner? Or as a content creator? And why should you put some serious thought into start creating your own podcast?

Both podcasting and blogging have been around for ages. However, in recent times, the number of people consuming podcasts have grown in leaps and bounds. And there’s a good reason for this growth. 

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8 Video Marketing Tips You Should Remember

Video Marketing Tips

8 Video Marketing Tips you should remember

In this article, I'm going to quickly run through 8 best practices you have to remember when doing video marketing. These video marketing tips will not only make you more money, but they would level up the quality of your video output.

In other words, if you are serious about building a solid video marketing business, pay close attention to the 8 best practice tips below.

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