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Hey there friends! Over the year Digital Marketing has been on the fast development, and LinkedIn is  part of the reality. Not only that LinkedIn as the newest “must use” platform  for marketers, but also the best site - LinkedIn Marketing - for businesses to communicate and drive action with other businesses.

Next up we have some advice to help you take your LinkedIn Marketing game to the next level, so stay tuned!


Posting video company updates

Video is one of the most powerful ways of delivering a marketing message, and LinkedIn finally jumped on the video marketing bandwagon with the introduction of Video updates. This gives businesses the opportunity to add great engagement opportunities to their content distribution strategies.

LinkedIn Marketing

Particularly compelling types of video updates include “question and answer” videos, product development videos, and video updates focused on office culture.

Keeping An Eye On Website Demographics

Website demographics can be found on the campaign manager after you install the “insights tag” on your website, and they’ll tell you whether you are attracting the type of customer that your business needs.

Encouraging Staff And Employees To Create Profiles

Linkedin Marketing

The people that work with you and the people that work for you can be your greatest brand ambassadors. You just have to encourage them to create professional profiles where they list your business as their current job.

You’ll just have to make sure that their profiles are optimized for search, as that will help your business’ name and website to rank organically on search queries.

Creating Showcase Pages

 “Showcase Pages” are extensions of your company page. Showcase pages are often used to promote a different aspect of a business or brand. In your case, you could create showcase pages for each one of your products or services.

Showcase pages can easily help you to connect with very specific segments of your audience because they are focused on a product or a specific product line.

Using LinkedIn Publishing To Build Thought Leadership

LinkedIn allows users to publish long-form content using the platform’s own “Publishing” feature, which is available on the LinkedIn feed as “write an article”.

The LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes content created on the platform over content from outside sources such as blog posts, so it is a safer strategy to use the “Publishing” feature to upload your website’s content to LinkedIn!

Call Out Your Audience In Your Headlines

Referring to your target audience by its name can easily get your content the attention it deserves. If your target industry is the video games industry, then refer to your audience as “developers”, if you sell digital marketing training, then refer to your audience as “marketers”, and so on!

Keep Your Copy Under 150 Characters

A brief and concise copy can get you a more immediate response because it will more directly resemble a call to action.

Linkedin Marketing

Incorporate Stats And Infographics Into Your Updates

Numbers, facts, and statistics are big among LinkedIn users, and they’re more likely to click through a promoted update or article if you incorporate one into it!

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Include Hyperlinks Instead Of Bare URLs

If you have to add a link to your body text, make sure to add it as a hyperlink. Bare URLs work on headlines, but not as much on body text, especially if it’s an InMail message.

Comment On Competitors’ Updates

Commenting on a competitor’s posts and updates is a great way of increasing visibility, especially among users in your target industry.

Repurpose Your Content On SlideShare

Avoid delaying responses to business inquiries or contacts. Remember, LinkedIn users are professionals, and their time should be valued accordingly
LinkedIn introduced the ability to track website demographics last year, and we’ve found them to be a crucial element when it comes to optimizing our campaigns because they have helped us to identify what type of professionals and potential clients are visiting our website.You can repurpose your most useful, popular and evergreen pieces of content as SlideShare presentations. They’re easy to consume and are very popular outside the platform


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Keep Your Company Page Professional

Using your company logo, adding a branded cover image, keeping it up to date and posting regularly with images and videos is the best way to drive positive impressions.

Optimize Your Company Page For Search Engines

Include highly targeted keywords in the “About” section of your company page. It is indexed by Google, and it can help your company page to rank well and to attract visitors to your website.

Be Upfront

State your intentions when contacting prospective leads through sponsored correspondence. These are people that are short on time, so make sure to show them that your communication is results-oriented.

Be Authentic

Use a personalized, one-to-one tone when communicating with potential leads, be it through direct messaging or sponsored InMails, and strive to offer a unique perspective on topics.

Mix Paid With Organic

Prepare to engage with your leads after they respond to your ads. Participate in groups and share your brand’s perspective on trending topics. Find ways to expose members to your brand until it becomes a household name.

Use It For Research

LinkedIn can be an amazing research tool if you use it right. The home page feed, the search feature, and the “news and conversations” box are great ways of staying current with industry trends.

Pay Attention To Analytics

Use LinkedIn’s free analytics tool to see how your target audience is responding to your promotions and to your content.

Create Audience Segments

Use your research skills to analyze your audience to develop unique segments. Then customize your content for each of those target segments.

Create Personal Engagement

You can also analyze your audience to find what are their general interests outside of the industry. Then use that information to create content that is only related to those interests, such as sports, and post about it on a regular basis. This can help you to reach second-degree leads the easy way!

Use Simple Language

Use language that is simple to understand by users of all levels in your ads, your content, and company updates. Leave the technical jargon for presentations!

Don’t Focus Your Message On Selling

Don’t focus your company message on selling your product or service. Focus instead on telling the story about your products or services, and about how they have helped others to find a solution to very specific needs.

Don’t Sell On Groups

Don’t try to promote your products or services on groups, or you will get banned. Instead, join groups to share your knowledge about the group’s topic without mentioning your products or services.

Don’t Be Robotic

Make sure to humanize your brand with a friendly tone and humor. Personalize a unique, recognizable “company voice” and make your message sound like if it was being said like a human!

Don’t Go Out Of Context

LinkedIn is not Facebook or twitter, so make sure to avoid posting memes, selfies, or personal stuff. You can be humorous, but within LinkedIn standards of professionalism!

Don’t Spam

Avoid sending the same InMail message to multiple people without first selecting the appropriate targets for your campaign. That’s spamming, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Don’t Neglect Older Updates

Visitors of your company page are very likely to scroll down your timeline to check your older content, so make sure to regularly check older posts for broken links and outdated information.

Don’t Self-Promote

Focusing your company message on self-promotion is as bad as focusing it on making sales, so make sure to always offer value beyond self-promotion.

Don’t Be Negative

Avoid being critical or negative towards competitors or customers in group discussions or company updates.

Don’t Link Your Company Page To Other Social Accounts

It is a common practice to use social media management tools to automate posting from a single social account to all others, but if you’re serious about LinkedIn marketing you should avoid doing this.

Don’t Delay Responses

Avoid delaying responses to business inquiries or contacts. Remember, LinkedIn users are professionals, and their time should be valued accordingly.

There you have it! These seemingly simple yet highly effective LinkedIn Marketing strategies will help you to grow your business and brand!

What is your LinkedIn Marketing strategies, please share with us in the comment section.

To your LinkedIn Marketing Campaign success:

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