4 best PRACTICES web traffic generation for business

When you are working towards growing traffic to your site as a business, you’re doing it with several objectives in mind, such as increasing brand recall, making sales, and nurturing clients through a sales funnel and customer journey.

That is why it is important to implement certain practices that will help you to reach your business objectives with web traffic generation strategies.


Build Traffic On Business Networking Platforms

Business networking platforms such as LinkedIn can help you to grow your traffic and to improve your site’s ranking. There are two easy methods to build links on business networking sites.

The first method is by simply creating a business profile on site such as “LinkedIn.com”. Your profile will get immediately indexed because it will parasite from a larger, very relevant website, and it will boost your own site’s ranking because by adding your website URL to those profiles you will be creating a backlink.

The second method is by link swapping. Active members on LinkedIn are looking at attractive company pages all the time, and when people check your company profile they are also likely to check your website through your link. This will allow you to build referral traffic from reputable sources, be it from LinkedIn or from the websites that members were previously looking at!

Link swapping works two ways, so remember to also visit the profiles of members or companies that have visited yours to click on their links too!

Use Viral Marketing Tactics

Web Traffic Generation

We don’t recommend you to try your hand at making all your content go viral, but we do recommend you to use viral marketing tactics that can help you to make your products and services more popular.

Creating humorous videos and animations to promote your brand is an easy way to go viral within your niche. Representing your products or services through cartoon characters with appeal can also help you to go viral.

Basically, any type of strategy that helps you to replicate your marketing message quickly through viral traffic will do the trick!

Make Use Of Traffic Generators Related To Your Industry

People are afraid to link to additional resources on their business sites because they believe that it will affect their bottom line, but unless you’re placing ads for similar products on your own store, chances are that using interactive resources to keep people on your page and to

encourage more visits will no doubt help you get more business down the line.

In the case of a business website, these interactive resources are called traffic generators because they can attract traffic generated by people who are searching for specific keywords that you might not be targeting with your product pages but that you can target with your resources.

The easiest way to add a traffic generator to your site is by adding a blog section on your store or business website, but there are a lot of other possible web traffic generators that you can use depending on your industry and the products or services that you sell.

For example, if you have a website to promote your wholesale t-shirt business, you can create a directory of online t-shirt stores on your site as well as to link to external sites that explain how the retail and wholesale clothing industries are different.

That way you’ll be able to grow traffic from people who are actively looking for online t-shirt stores, some of whom might later get the idea to start an online t-shirt business and to print all their shirts with you!

Create Email Promotions


If you already have a sizeable email list made of people who have visited your business website, then you should create a special offer for them to generate traffic from repeat visitors.

The easiest way to achieve this is by creating a special coupon with a discount that they can use on any product or service on your site. Offers like this encourage traffic in two ways.

First, if you have a large catalog of products or services, you’ll have visitors navigating your site in search of something in which they can use their coupons. Secondly, you’ll have visitors spending more time on your site, deciding what to use their coupons on!

In addition, Google has more than 200 algorithms and is changing frequently but there is some metrics we can do to increase our site and web traffic generation, and avoid those cause harms to our SEO. 

Additional Tips For Web Traffic Generation For Business

Post Regularly

Having a blog section on your sites and posting fresh content on regular basis or scheduled basis is essential. Doing so will make your sites more relevant to search engines, which will make it easier to be found by people using your niche keywords in search queries.

Write Well

Be careful with grammar, spelling, wording, and presentation. Don’t rush your content! Quality blog posts that are helpful, easy to understand, and easy to read, are a great way to keep engaging readers and to keep them coming back to your site.

Have A Memorable Website

Select a design and a theme that are appropriate for your niche and that is attractive to your audience. This will help you increase traffic through brand recall.

Leverage Your Existing Network

You already have people that can help you get more traffic, including friends, clients, colleagues, and family, so make sure to share your content with them and to ask them to share it with their own networks when appropriate.

Add Links To Your “RSS Feeds” On Your Sites

You can add links to your Blog’s RSS feeds on your sites to make it easier for regular readers to receive your content on their feed readers. That way you’ll make sure that they won’t stop visiting your site!

Always Use Tags

We recommend you to always add your niche keywords, general search terms and other long-tail keywords as tags on your site and on your content to make it easier for people to find you on search engines and on content aggregation platforms!

Curate Content

You can build lots of traffic by finding and aggregating high-quality content from other sources on your site. You will generate traffic from all the people that would rather get all their content from a single site instead of visiting several!

Track Your Performance

Use tools such as Google Analytics to track how well your web traffic generation campaigns are performing. Pay special attention to metrics such as keyword rankings, average traffic, traffic sources, and average conversions in relation to traffic.

Add Relevant Links To Your Content

Adding external links to content on authority sites is a great way to boost your site’s search engine optimization and to attract even more traffic.

Optimize For Mobile

Google and other search engines rank responsive sites higher, and over 50% of organic traffic to a site at any given time will come from mobile, so make sure to optimize your site for both desktop and mobile users!

Don’t Copy And Paste Large Pieces Of Content

Don’t try to pull in traffic to your site by copying large pieces of content from more popular sites to paste it into your site. Search engines are really good at detecting duplicate content, so stealing content this way would only push your sites down the rankings!

Don’t Overuse External Links

Having too many external links across your content can harm your search engine optimization efforts because search engines identify content with lots of outbound links as spam.

Don’t Buy Backlinks

Search engines put a lot of resources into detecting and penalizing sites that pay for backlinks, or that hide links within content to manipulate search rankings, among other practices, so focus on proper “SEO” strategies to avoid losing traffic.

Don’t Stuff Keywords

Avoid stuffing keywords and terms into your content. It won’t help your site to rank higher! Instead, focus on well-structured, well-written content focused on a single topic.

Don’t Spam

Don’t inundate your site with sales messages and urgent calls-to-action. That’s the easiest way to make first-time visitors to lose interest. It will also get your site flagged as a spam site by search engines.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Metrics are important, but testing is important too. Your average traffic and bounce rates will not look the best in the beginning, so focus on improving your content and your search engine optimization strategies.

Don’t Limit Your Content With Geo Keywords

We recommend you to expand your content with universally recognized keywords to increase your reach. If you only use keywords from a specific location, you risk limiting your web traffic generation to that single location!

Don’t Overuse Ads

Adding ads to your site is a great monetization strategy, but avoid overpopulating it with ad slots. That will make your site look as a spam site, and you’ll lose traffic because of it.

Don’t Slow Down Your Site

Load speeds are a huge ranking factor as well as important for keeping visitors on your site, so avoid adding too many images, videos, and any other interactive elements that can slow down navigation on your pages.

Don’t Do Guest Posts On Low-Quality Sites

Before you send or accept a request for a guest post, make sure to investigate the sites where you’ll be featured. Make sure they’re not penalized, or that they don’t spam, or that they’re not considered irrelevant in your niche. Having a backlink on a low-quality or a penalized website will affect your site’s ranking and relevance as well.

There you have it! These seemingly simple yet highly effective strategies will help you to generate relevant traffic and valuable leads!

What is your web traffic generation strategies, please share with us in the comment section.

To your web traffic generation success:


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